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Our Company Name
"Jon, Why Are You Doing This?"
This Podcast Is Dedicated To Showing You HOW I'm Automating My Home Business Online For Maximum Recruitment and Sales.....  
WITHOUT Relying on Family & Friends or Approaching Strangers...
I Used To Do Things The Hard Way.....
  • Make a List of 100 Names
  • Prospect Family & Friends
  • Work With Anyone & Everyone 
  •  Strike Up Conversations With Strangers
  •  Focused My Marketing & Advertising On My MLM's Opportunity or Product
traditional MLM methods are decades behind the online automated marketing world
Upline Doesn't Know
Leaders often teach what worked for them in the past.  These online strategies have only become popular in the last few years.  This is your chance to get in front of the mainstream strategies of tomorrow.   
Restrictive Marketing Policies
Most MLMers think they can't advertise online without breaking company rules.  BUT a small group most advanced marketers generate leads without even mentioning their company name.  

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